The Wholphin is the Liger of the sea!

Ok. Bottom line – Sea Life Park is AWESOME.

So proud of my Mom who Jacques Cousteau’ed a 20,000 leagues under the sea experience complete with positive pressure diving helmet. Spent time with hammerheads, reef sharks, a HUGE brown sting ray and lots of fish! Rays are messy eaters, they kind of chew their food and spit it out a couple times before re-chewing and eating it. They have such cute mouths.

Dad nearly ran into the water for his Sea Lion experience (I was with him) and we petted and played with a 300+ lbs sea lion. She was beautiful!

Not only does this park promote mass education about pollution and sea life, they spend a lot of time educating on their residents.. And have a most unique one.. A WHOLPHIN!! That’s right, the liger of the sea! Father was a false whale and it’s mother was a pacific bottle nosed dolphin. What do you end up with?? A mutantly huge dark gray dolphin!

Long day in the sun.. more later.
Later days!



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Pearl Harbour

April 23, 2014

I wanted to go to Pearl Harbour. I wanted to go ever since I heard my Grandpa tell stories of the bombing – though he was not involved in anyway, being of the Commonwealth Forces, he had an interest in it. Mostly, I think because he was flabbergasted that it happened.

Some background. They KNEW Pearl Harbour was going to happen. Not only did some military secretary dork predict it days, even weeks before it happened, stated it out loud — his thoughts went ignored. Not only were the planes detected early hundreds of miles off the shores of Oahu, the radar flagman was told it must have been a mistake.

It happed. It was huge. 1177 men aboard the USS Arizona died. 23 sets of brothers. Their ship the watery grave, their bodies never retrieved. Near 2500 people DIED that day – not only servicemen, but men, women and children. On the walk of remembrance, there were babies only weeks old. Only 355 people survived the Arizona attack.

The entire battleship fleet was damaged, 6 of 8 sunk. Crudely the game battle ship with the cry out “you sunk my battleship” came from this. Devastating, devastated. But, in typical American fashion, they bounced back. They pulled out their battleships, they refurbished them for war and 6 returned to active duty. Impressive, no?

Funny enough, the monument was funded by Elvis Presley. A service man himself. The shape of the monument is curious – after asking the attendant, I found that it is lowest in the middle (window over the Arizona) depicting the heartbreak of war. One end (the entrance) is high in victory, the other (the names of the fallen) have a tree of life design. Somber. Beautiful. Perils of war.

442. Know what that is?
Its the 442nd infantry regiment in the USA army. They are of Japanese ancestry and fought in the war. I didn’t see a darn thing about them at the memorial site today – but think of how they felt or what their families had to go through when they were off at war. People hated the Japanese! Hate is a strong word. Maybe I hated a tour group of people today too as they took selfies of themselves at the memorial, or smiling hanging off the guns of the Barracuda. I think they missed the history lesson – Japan won that battle, but who wins war?!? Anyway, maybe in an attempt to prove to themselves and those around them they are good people, and perhaps a little reckless in time of war, the 442 is known as the most decorated infantry in the American army.

Later days.

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Cancer Sucks

It’s that time of year again! Relay for LIfe 2014.

Click on the link to sponsor me and team Tim Bits!!

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I’m just a girl..

Insurance. It’s sketchy.

Recently I had a friend that had their jeep stolen. They were a student inbetween jobs and only had liability on the jeep – it’s old maybe 1996. It made me look at my insurance just a little bit closer. Imagine how pissed I was when I found out that my broker has failed to keep up/informed/honest about my policy. I discovered that I have an appraised car, that I drive daily, and the insurance dropped my perils.

I contacted my broker and was advised to talk to his son, who was all like “well it’s an old car, you’d be lucky to get $1000”.. on an APPRAISED car that is fantastic condition. My rate never went down when they changed me from appraised value & all perils to just liability – so what the hell am I paying for?! Mistakenly, I have the money come out of my account monthly, so I never really read the find print on my policy, however, I have impeccable files and just looked at it all. There was no letter or warning this was being done. So.. a few questions I had included:

1. Why was all perils dropped? Answer from broker & broker’s son: My FAILURE to provide new appraisal. Which ended in a search of my files, which was NEVER requested. Apparently I’m supposed to be a mind reader.
2. Why did my insurance costs not drop if all perils were taken off? Answer from broker & broker’s son: The company did it automatically when I failed to provide a new appraisal. (once again, I supposed to be a mind reader?!) and insurance rates in general have gone up.
3. Who the heck authorised this? Answer from broker & broker’s son: It’s can be automatic depending on insurance company.
4. Why was I not informed/advised? Answer from broker & broker’s son: Broker “thought” he talked to me about it. NICE. Not only am I supposed to be a mind reader, I’m having conversations that never took place.
5. Why was my broker not proactive – and kind of reactive, more to my being pissed off, not so much to the issue I’m having. Answer from broker & broker’s son: Not their fault I failed to provide appraisal. I asked that all perils be put back in place until I can get this sorted and they hesitated saying the liability would be enough for what I needed. My car might be from the 80’s, but it’s resale value is HUGE.

So, I sought advice from an independant broker. She advised me to get all perils put back on immediately (which I’ve requested to secretary, and voicemail of my broker who now disappeared from the face of the earth).

So.. a few things happened. The broker FINALLY called me back. This is how the conversation went.. I’m not even exaggerating and I cut out the boring parts.
I swear insurance brokers talk to girls like they are stupid — especially when it comes to cars. Make sure your company didn’t take all perils off your insurance without your knowledge or permission for “your failure” to provide an updated appraisal that was never requested.

Phone conversation:
Me: I want all perils back on my car. An appraisal will be done in the future.
broker: but you will only be covered for $1000 and there is a $500 deductible and it’ll cost you $100 for a year.
Me: I want all perils on my car.
broker: but there is no value in it.
Me: It’s what I want.
broker: but you’d have to pay for it.
. (20 mintues of arguing)

Me: I want proper insurance on my car. If a tree fell on me tomorrow, I want there to be a value on my car.
broker: there is a difference between what you think is proper and what has value.
Me: there is an old appraisal. The car shows value. It will be re-appraised. I want no perils on my car NOW.
broker: but there is no value in it until the appraisal is done.
broker: ok.

Talking with men about “cars” is a very interesting thing. I am well versed in cars. My Daddy is a mechanic, I’ve spent a lot of time in and around garages. I pinned a speedometer in a Cadillac CTS-V. I can drive backwards, I can parallel park. I don’t need a man to tell my what I want or don’t want or what I can or cannot do. Just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I often find when I pound FACTS down someone’s throat, they’re often like “You’re getting hysterical, calm down”.. my response “No, you’re being an asshole, listen up!”

Insurance is *&^%ED. It’s the damned if you do have it, damned if you don’t have it scenario. And one should not have to fight for something they have paid for, or paid into! I also think the broker should have some responsibility – they would be informed by the insurance company.. and inturn, they should be on the phone with me.

My thoughts of the day:
Just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean I’m dumb.
The broker’s son only has a job because he’s the broker’s son. He’d be better suited as a weasel.
Check your insurance policy. They’re not there to help you – they’re there to make money on the odds of you not being in an accident.

later days!

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Kim’s Kreations

It’s hard to find a good hat. A hat that you like, that fits well and suits your personality.

My ex-common-law-sister-in-law made me an AWESOME hat and KILLER scarf for Christmas! I LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas and she made me a Jack Skellington hat! I love bones and skulls – working in the medical field, it’s kind of a fascination and she made me a scarf with scalloped skull edging! (see photos)

Lately she’s been rocking out “Little Monster” hats for your little monsters.. and Minon hats for your little minons. (Despicable Me guys that look like twinkies). She does plain hats, animal hats, ninja turtles too.. I’m betting you give her an idea and she’ll figure it out.
$7 infant/toddler
$10 kids
$15 adult

You won’t be disappointed!!!

Also: She’s made dog chews.. it’s the frog guy in the pictures. Their dog Zero loves it. 🙂

Later days!

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Don’t date a girl who travels link (click here)

Don’t date a girl who travels link (click here)

It’s like I wrote this.. almost.

I need a job to pay for my travelling addiction. I need an address so that my Daddy knows I’m coming home at some point or he’ll drive my Mommy crazy. I hide from the sun, but will wear the same pants for 3+ weeks without regret.

I love travelling. I love that the world is out there, and I’m a new age explorer, combining fun, friendship and trips off the beaten path. I love my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

People often think they have met the perfect man for me. My astute sense of my own being and my sense of life purpose, I know in 30 seconds or less if they’re even worth it. I have yet to find the perfect man for me. Not the perfect man, just perfect for me. People get confused because I’m ok with it.  

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Rest in Peace Marlise.

Rest in Peace Marlise.

Not being a mother, but being sworn to take care of MANY children should something happen to their mothers, I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.

If this was my loved one, I’d do/want the exact same thing. If this was me, I would not want to be kept artificially alive in “hopes” that I could carry a child to term – also artificially with the growing creation lacking womb love, and natural nutrients and nurturing a mother unknowingly gives. 

If it was a viable gestation, I would encourage the doctors to do am emergency C-section and remove the child and keep it in care. If the mother is dead, the child’s life is horribly compromised, it’s key development stages can’t be met. Viable gestation is typically 24 weeks – and that’s not without complications.

No one wants to see people die. No one wants to see children die. Being in a profession where I see this often (sometimes too often), I would never want to be in a position to make this call – but I stand in support of the family, who can FINALLY say goodbye to their loved one who died in NOVEMBER.

You get to finally rest in peace Marlise. Peace be with you and your unborn.

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What’s important?!

Justin Bieber arrested. Anyone suprised?? Why is this breaking news.. it’s all over the place!
Yet.. there are 3 dead and 30 missing in a Quebec senior’s home fire in  L’Isle-Verte. 16 pooly abled and wheelchair residents have been rescued. It’s a 52 unit dwelling and firefighters in 5 neighboring villages have been called in to help. A young man in vain brought a ladder in attempt to save his mother from a 2nd story apartment – without success. THIS SHOULD BE HEADLINE NEWS.
Let’s remember what is truly important. Hug your loved ones. Keep the families of L’Isle-Verte and members of the emergency services in our prayers.

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Oh Toronto…

What’s on my mind?? I lost all respect for Toronto city council when they forced the zoo to move their elephants to bob barkers personal zoo/tuberculosis sanctuary. However.. They met a new low today when they announces they are pushing for “disaster” status to get funding from the federal government to help clean up the branches from the ice storm. Seriously?!?! Being well versed in world an huma…n tragedy, certified to deal with people and places that disaster have struck, I have this to say.. Toronto city council should have taken a walk through New York or New Orleans hurricane sandy zone.. Or what about when the tsunami tore through south east Asia?? That my friend was a disaster. I’m sorry Toronto city council feels inconvenienced by the fallen branches. Employ your people — landscapers and tree fellers unite!! How embarrassing for the good people of Toronto to be the laughing stock of the “disaster” relief world. Stay strong Toronto, we know your city council is a poor representation for you. Please remember this next election. I’m on a roll. Until next rant, X.
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I hate the “News” 2

Rant time again…. Came into work this morning and the news was on. Before I could change it to the yuletide fireplace, the airport complainers came on.

“Oh waa.. I didn’t make it to Mexico, the evil airline ruined my vacation”. You need to watch Mayday. Seriously people, quit your whining!! The planes couldn’t fly because the ICE STORM, HIGH WINDS, BLINDING CONDITIONS, SNOW STORM. The airline owes you NOTHING.

Yes, mother nature can be a huge B and deserve a kick in the box, but YOU ARE SAFE, you should be thankful for that. The ONLY time an airline should owe you anythign is when they overbook a flight and you are selected to be removed for reasons unknown to you — then I say, get on the phone, social media, call the paper, yes have your voice heard.

The “news” is making news on people being safely stranded. BOO FRIGGIN HOO. Better than crashing out of the sky due to weather!!! Buck up, yes it’s frustrating not being where you want to be, but there are THOUSANDS of crash victims and deaths as a result of planes vs. weather. There are thousands of families that would be happy to hear their loved one is stranded in an airport, not a call saying they were in a crash. Be thankful. That is all. Until next rant.. x

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I hate the “News”

Ok. Kathleen Wynne and her bunch of chronies are now passing out grocery cards to people outside of Toronto… people are expecting to get their $100 card and it’s all over the news about being turned away and being declined etc. They interviewed a lady who was turned away and she said it’s what “she deserves”.

Why does the government do this???? Take that money and beef up the local food banks of the affected areas!!! People who NEED it will go there.

Why is this continually on the news?? I’m sick of people who feel they deserve it. This is why entitlement and selfishness run rampant in our soctiety. Lose your sense of entitlement!! Do you NEED it or not? Could you get by without it? I’m still confused at how so many people lost and spoiled food when Ontario has been a complete ice box for the past several weeks.

Some people have so little, and difficulties the weather caused was unfortunate and costly in other ways. I get that. But the lady that was on the news saying she had to put $70 of gas in her generator EVERY 4 hours?!? SEVENTY DOLLARS!!! What kind of generator do you have?!? The gas tank would be as big as a large car!!!

Stop crying about what you want or what you missed out on. There are people that NEED help, NEED money, NEED food, NEED shelter. ENOUGH. I can’t watch the news until this fiasco is over.
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Need vs. Greed

Christmas. Need vs. greed.

I’m not saying that all families on the Christmas family lists are greedy, but I like them more when they’re not asking for Nintendos, playstations or x-boxes or the games that go along with them. There is something weird about an 8 year old requesting the latest Halo or call of duty game. I find it bothersome when parents ask for TVs or ipods.. I prefer when the parents ask for nothing – because all they should want is for their kids to have a Merry Christmas.

I find the Christmas family program frustrating. Jesus is the reason for the Season.. I bet you know a family in need. See what they need to make their season bright. ASK THEM. I bet no one has.

I approached the local mental health association throughout the year and wanted them to provide me with numbers for “shower bags” that I want to create for them to distrubute. The answer I got was a funny one — they won’t be thankful. Are you kidding me??  I know a few people that suffer from varied mental illnesses (schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, etc) and have given them shower bags – shampoo, soap, wash cloths, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush.. some clothes – socks, underwear, mitts, hats, even some food, pasta & sauce, peanut butter, etc.. Never much, and not looking for thanks..  People need to refocus. Needs vs. wants are 2 very different things.

My parents raised us right — we always got NEEDS and if we were good, we got a want or 2. Stop spoiling kids. Stop spoiling society. Stop allowing people to think this is acceptable to WANT WANT WANT when there is so much NEED. Give them the necessities to get them to tomorrow.

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Just say NO to Kardashian Glow!!!

Is anyone else disturbed when the Kardashian tan commercial comes on?? 

“I feel my best when I’m tanned” — not when I’ve worked hard to make a decent living.
“It makes you look skinner, it makes you look better” — yeah cause clean clothes and a healthy lifestyle fail you.
“Everyone looks better and 10 pounds thinner when you have a tan” — so if I get a double tan, I’ll look like a dried up piece of beef jerky and 20 pounds lighter! woo hoo!
“I like that glowy tan feeling, so everyone can use a tan!” — clearly they’ve never tried radio-activeness.
“When I’m pale, I feel heavier” — your soul is fat.

These people make me sad for humanity. Are people so shallow they think what these people’s non-scientific opinion states is true?!  Just be you. Fat, thin, happy, sad, its your life, your date, just be you.

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New Orleans

2 words. Buzz ball. That is all.

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So a whale tried to drown you…

Everyone loves Marineland

Everyone loves Marineland

I came across an article when I was reading about the “do gooders” whining about the latest Marineland accusation. For those who are unaware, a trainer recently hurt her knee while exiting the pool on the beluga nose. Phil Demers and the Marineland animal defense reported she was bit by the whale. NEGATIVE. So.. as I was reading up on it, I came across this article (see attached picture). Kevin is a friend of mine. So I asked him – do you hate Marineland? His answer – No. So even after a whale almost killed him, he worked there for another 5 years before advancing into his medical career. He even went and visited Kandu at Sea World after he had been sold. So.. I ask you this – would you hate a whale after it tried to murder you? Do you hate Marineland?? Let me remind you – Marineland has met or surpassed all expectation as laid out by the OSPCA, CAZA and local SPCA.
You may not like animals in captivity. You may not like people in jail. Your opinion is yours. Until then.. I love Marineland!!

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